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DIY Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

$19.99 $29.99

Everything you need to stitch your own adorable design.

🧶Everything needed is included.
🎈It’s easy-to-do.
🧸Perfect for kids (age 6+).
💆‍♀️Relaxing for adults.
Clear your mind of the overwhelming routine, improve your mood and help you gain a new perspective on things!⬇️

Many people love embroidery as it is pretty and delicate art that can ☁️transform into any textile item with flowers, text, patterns and much more! Our DIY Thick Wool Punch Needle Kit will make sure your work turns out perfect every time, keeping thread clear and tangle-free💕, also helps you to maintain an even flow.

  • This punch needle pen will do all your needs to complete any project🦋stitching as quickly as if you were drawing a picture
  • It can 🥰adjust the length of the punch needle and help you operate on different fabrics.
  • It’s such a new and exciting way to create a 3-D design in needle artwork.
  • Unlike other norm yarn, this rug yarn for punch needle is thicker which will be more suitable for punch works
  • 🌈Standard quality wool, soft and comfortable to touch, does not fade.
  • It comes in bright color cotton threadsthat are not easy to become fuzzing or broken.

  • It is a good choice for 😝killing time and having fun on a lazy time.
  • In the process of embroidery, you will get relax from heavy work😘
  • 💜Complete easy-to-follow instructions that suitable for beginners and professionals