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Paper Quilling Art Kit

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 (18 pieces + 960 paper strips of variant colors)

If you get bitten by the quilling bug and want to make some wonderful designs, you absolutely need this Set that regroup all the tools to make your job that much easier and that much better.

Imagine being able to have your very own basic kit that allows you to create your quilled paper arts and 3D illustrations ...

This Quilling Kit comes with all basic tools, making it the perfect beginner set to kick start your paper quilling journey! It comes with quilling papers, quilling slotted tools, quilling comb, rolling paper pen, grid guide, grid board and many more, giving you a hassle-free paper quilling experience as a first-timer.

Now, you are able to produce your own unique paper art during your free time, stay productive and bring more pleasure into your life!

It is an enjoyable hands-on activity for both children and adults. It is fun, easy and relaxing. 

This kit include all things(with white glue) you need to create a quilling craft.

1.720 strips 540mm length(21 1/4") paper quilling, 120strips/pkg
Shade colors, 36 colors total. 20 strips/color.

2.120 strips 540mm length(21 1/4") paper quilling
Mixed colors, 24 colors total, 5 strips/color.

3.120strips 390mm length(15 3/8") paper quilling
Mixed colors, 12 colors total, 10 strips/color.

All of the above paper quilling you can choose the width:
3mm (1/8"), very popular. ( this kit )
5mm (1/5"), very popular.
7mm (1/4"), used for big works.

4.Quilling board
Size:150 x 210 mm,54 different sizes and shapes.
Help to make the coil as the same size and make beautiful shapes.

5.Pearl pin
Work with the Quilling Board, about 50 pcs.

Very useful when pick up or hold a small object such as a paper roll.

Make a long quilling coil like a branch.

Cutting paper.

9.Slotted + embossing quilling tool
6mm slotted for paper width 3/5mmm
10mm slotted for paper width 7mm

10.Curling coach
Work with slotted tools, make holding & rolling tight circles a breeze

11.Precision Tip Glue Applicator Bottle (white glue 30ml about 1oz)
Professional glue bottle for quilling, with a needle mouth, could keep the glue out as a thin line.

12.Half ball mini mould
Make a flat quilling coil into a half ball coil.
Very useful when make a 3D quilling project.

13.Quilling comb
Creates beautiful cascading loops and patterns with quilled paper strips.

14.Quilling crimper
Create fine or coarse crimped paper strips with just a turn of the knob.

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