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Paper Quilling Art Kit + FREE PDF Quilling Guide


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You should definitely make paper quilling as your next pass-time activity!

Paper quilling is so easy! It involves rolling and pinching paper pieces into shapes and glue them into decorative pieces! It will be very addictive and we can't wait for you to experience the 'quilling and chilling' moments!

Imagine being able to have your very own basic kit that allows you to create your quilled paper arts and 3D illustrations...

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Standard Kit : For beginners (essential 5 items kit)

Recommended Kit : Standard Kit + Paper Strips

Premium Kit : Full kit (All the tools in video except the box)


✔️Perfect For Beginners

✔️Simple & Easy

✔️Suitable For All Ages

✔️Integrated Quilling Kit 

✔️Perfect DIY Crafts For Decorations & Pass Time Activity